Is it possible to tune your brain to all things positive, and leave it there? Managing my mindset seems like so much work. I wish I could put it on autopilot. Don’t get me wrong…I prefer this work to the alternative, which is negative thoughts which lead to negative experiences, but why does it seem like the positivity wears off, unless you keep depositing into that category. 


Why, also, does the negative side of things come so naturally? If we don’t feed the positive side, it depletes and turns negative. Why aren’t we naturally positive and have to work to be negative if we so choose to be that way? 


I guess I have sort of come up with a way to set my positivity to autopilot. I have designed and edited my life to consume positive things on a regular basis. I read books that help me to achieve my goals. I choose entertainment that challenges my thinking or makes me laugh rather than feel afraid and think of death and illness. I interact with people who are like-minded and who build me up. I go places where I feel safe and happy. 


Doing these things ensures that I’m surrounded by positivity and choose that first. Whenever I start to feel anything negative, I remember what life was like with that mindset and how terrible it felt to host those thoughts and feelings, and I get up outta there. 


It is such a blessing to be aware and to know how to pull myself up out of a slump. I know how to hype myself up and immediately change my thoughts. Once my thoughts are changed, my body changes as well. 


Maybe if we could set our minds on autopilot we wouldn’t appreciate what comes of the work we do as much. I’ll keep doing my work and getting results. It’s totally worth it.

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