Andriea Denise is a polymath. She has always been interested in many things, and as a result, her knowledge, career, and skill set have evolved over the years. Andriea attended Indiana University, where she earned a BA in English. She began her professional career in business administration and customer service. 


Andriea Denise went on to spend 8 years working in Education. She began her career in Education as a substitute teacher, and worked her way up to High School English Co-Teacher. Before transitioning to a new area of interest, Andriea spent a year working as the Middle College Coordinator, where she managed dual credit students and served as a liaison between the high school and local colleges. 


For 10 years, Andriea was a member of Soul Fusion music group, ISH (later changed to Ish Jus Music), in which she toured nationally and internationally, wrote, recorded, and performed original music, and shared the stage with the likes of Eric Roberson, Faith Evans, and Tito Jackson. 


Andriea, being passionate about many things creative, discovered her love for marketing, while building the music group’s brand. As she honed her marketing skills, she served as the Director of Marketing at a Chicago-based corporation. As her marketing career progressed, Andriea learned that she was born to be an entrepreneur. She soon began providing marketing, branding, design, copywriting, and consulting services to other creatives.


In addition to building the music group’s brand, Andriea Denise began building her own personal brand, in 2015. She has worked in a variety of fields, including finance, healthcare, and real estate. After having a hand in so many things, Andriea discovered herself and her ultimate passion and purpose.


In the summer of 2020, Andriea Denise launched her solo music career, with the release of an upbeat, hard-hitting, empowerment song entitled “Show Em”. Learn more about her music here.


Andriea Denise is now an author, spiritual counselor, personal development coach, investor, founder and CEO of The Write Mind Studio, and co-founder of the multimedia marketing agency, Write Mind Media.


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