I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and raised in a strict, religious family. As a young person, life was rough for me, because I just couldn’t understand how spirituality and God worked. My understanding was extremely limited, and even skewed at times. Needless to say, my confusion led to my being angry, and I spent many years of my life rebelling against my religion and my family.

I didn’t want to accept some of the things that I was being taught. I rejected the religion. I stopped attending church. I started feeling even more lost and empty, confused. Then, the funniest thing happened; I ran from the church and ran smack into God.

I found God, truth, and myself.

Suddenly, I understood things a lot more clearly. I started moving forward in purpose, and living on purpose. Once I gained a solid understanding of God’s will for my life, I started serving others, teaching them how to rid themselves of negative mindsets, to shed misinformation, and to start living for real. I now help other people find and operate in their purpose.

I promised God that I would use every skill and talent that he has gifted me to the best of my ability. That is why I write, sing, teach, design, donate, create, etc. And my God continues to add to me.

If you would like to read more about my spiritual journey, please grab a copy of my book entitled The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception. It goes into depth, recounting heart-wrenching experiences in detail. I share my struggles as well as my triumphs, and ultimately my blossoming into a woman of understanding.