One of the things I absolutely love about entrepreneurship is that my work is ever-changing, creative, exciting, challenging. Okay…that was more than one thing, but like I’ve stated in a previous post, I don’t really care for routines. So, being in an environment that changes from day to day based on whatever the focus is of the moment is quite thrilling to me. 


I have been faced with several challenges over the last year, working to build brand awareness, and to generate sales for my business. I have learned so much about so many things. Unlike my school days, I thoroughly enjoy learning something every day. Either the knowledge I gain helps me to accomplish a goal, reach a new level in my endeavors, or it allows me to help someone else along their journey. 


Of course new beginnings mean the inevitable ending of something else, but I’ve learned to let go and flow with what comes next. Nothing is here to hurt us or break us down. Instead, all things work together to carry us to the next level or phase of our journeys. 


I’m embracing this new experience and I’m actively looking for all that I can learn from it. Let’s go!

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