I decided to try a new restaurant in Hyde Park for breakfast. Usually, when I’m hungry, I don’t like to try anything new. Instead, I go for what I know. After looking over the menu a couple of times, I excitedly settled on chocolate chip pancakes. The photo made them look delicious. Needless to say, not everything that looks good is actually good. I learned that reading Isaiah in the bible. That lesson apparently escaped me in this situation. But I digress. 


The waitress arrived with my food, and set it in front of me. The pancakes were smaller than I thought they would be, but packed one heck of a taste. Once I tasted how rich they were, I figured the size was by design. Anyhow, I ate them, savoring the warmth, the sweet, chocolatey flavor, and right at the last bite, my stomach suddenly felt as if someone was stabbing me with a dull knife. There was an extremely annoying pain that seemed to last for hours. It didn’t subside, until I got home and stretched out in bed for a while.


Immediate consequences. What a blessing…I think so, at least. Sometimes, when things happen, we have to spend some time in reflection to figure out why that might have happened. This was direct. I ate super rich pancakes and immediately experienced a bellyache afterwards. 


On second thought, maybe it’s not such a great idea to suffer consequences immediately. I appreciate more that we usually have the opportunity to correct our thoughts and actions before it becomes an issue or causes us pain. That is grace. That grace period has saved many of us, I’m sure. I know I’ve made dumb decisions in the past, and had time to change my mind before something equally as dumb happened as a result.


No more chocolate chip pancakes, though. I learned that lesson for sure. One and done. No repeats necessary.

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