There are articles all over the place that tell us that successful people journal. They list all of the things that successful people do, but very few venture into why these things contribute to their success. Instead of adding to the successful people to-do list club, I’m going to share actual reasons that journaling, specifically, is related to a person’s level of success.


Successful People Journal


So, why do successful people journal?

Successful people are always evaluating, analyzing, and looking for more efficient ways to do things. One of the things they continue to assess and improve upon is self. Self-improvement is imperative to accomplishing goals. Whether you want to build a business, adopt a healthier lifestyle, or learn a language, you will have to do some work on your inner self.


One of the best ways to keep track of the work you’re doing is to journal. Successful people write down where they are, how they feel, what their goals are, etc. Then, they write down ways they believe they can achieve their goals. They track their progress, new findings, and conversations they have. Those things all directly contribute to the aha moments that ultimately lead to the actions that launch them into success.


Do you journal daily?

I have said, time and again, that you don’t have to journal daily, and you don’t. You should never do whatyou don’t actually want to do. That’s no way to live. However, some things are worth changing your mind on. Although I sometimes miss a day or two, I do my best to journal regularly. Journaling has helped me grow tremendously.


Through journaling, I learned what my business should be. I learned how to structure certain things. I remember old conversations that I had with people. I changed my self-talk and beliefs. I am an all-around better person for it.


It’s never too late to join the club and become a successful person. If you haven’t already, will you start journaling daily?

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