I may have been doing this manifesting thing all wrong. Well, not entirely. I mean, I have done pretty well with creating situations for myself and manifesting things I desire. But when it comes to the “big” things, I may have had the wrong idea. 


I have been looking at what I want to receive much more than I have been paying attention to what I am willing to give. That changes everything. Yes, anyone can have anything she wants, but what is one willing to sacrifice in order to receive that?


People often complain about their jobs. They don’t feel that they receive adequate pay for what they are asked to do, and they somehow come up with the detrimental solution to do less. They become lazy on the job, not really caring about performing well. Some show up late, others show up with a negative attitude, and none get more pay as a result. But..isn’t that what they ultimately want?


Why don’t people go above and beyond regardless of pay? Why don’t they do their best simply because they want to give their best to everything they do?


In my learning phase, I have heard the phrase “maintain a positive mental attitude” more times than I can count. It’s important, yet so many people lack this one thing that we all have control over. Why? I think most people don’t understand how important it is, and they don’t get how it connects to their physical experience.


I remember hearing my mother speaking about how she thought she would feel after walking around Disney World all day. I decided to play a game with her. I walked into her room and enthusiastically told her to repeat after me. I animatedly shouted, “I feel great!” She repeated after me, with the same enthusiasm. I knew she was joking around in a mocking manner, but I just wanted her to participate. 


I didn’t care if she was playing or not. I knew her subconscious didn’t know the difference, and that it would have some effect on her. I continued, “I am energized!” “I can walk for hours and still feel great when the day is done!” She repeated each statement. When I ran out of things to say in the moment, I plopped down on the bed, and laughed. She did too.


My parents left for Disney World with their grandchild, and I went to the pool at the resort. When they came back at the end of the day, my mother excitedly told me about how she walked around all day, kept up with her granddaughter, and still had energy. I smiled from ear to ear. 


There is power in spoken words. The body will follow suit whether one says something positive or negative. Had my mother set out for the day continuing to say that her knees weren’t in the best shape, or that she would have sore legs and feet at the end of the day, she absolutely would have. I learned that some time ago, and I make sure I speak life into myself every chance I get. I guard my mind, as it is my most prized possession. I eliminate entertainment, content, people, conversations, environments, etc. whenever my goals don’t mesh well with them. Because of this, I have been living a peaceful, happier, and more fulfilling life. That is the ultimate success.

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