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The Mask: Recognizing And Resisting Spiritual Deception is what I’m calling my spiritual autobiography. I dig deep into a few soul-stirring experiences that I had on my journey of seeking the truth and building a real relationship with God. I also share heart-wrenching stories from my past. I uncover and expose secrets that most church folk have been keeping hidden for generations.

As the granddaughter of a pastor and the daughter of a chairman of the deacon’s board, you might imagine that I spent A LOT of time in church…and with growing up as a “church girl” comes observing and absorbing many things and ideologies along the way.


In This Book You Will Learn To:

  • Understand why you may have been hurt in the church so that you can forgive and move forward
  • Begin your healing process from church hurt so that you can grow into the prosperous, faith-filled man or woman of God that you were always destined to become
  • Understand how you may have been misinterpreting God’s word and to start learning the true meanings of the scriptures
  • Stop pretending/wearing the mask and to walk fully in your truth
  • Unlearn misinformation that you may have received from spiritual leaders and to properly discern God’s word for yourself
  • Build a real and lasting relationship with God


The Mask book is not only a fairly quick and easy read, it is also packed with hard truths, transparent confessions, and wisdom that I gained over the years. I have experienced church hurt, confusion, and frustration as a result of my spiritual upbringing, and I know that I am not alone.

Many people around the world have felt the same way I felt, but no one has really been speaking up about it…until now. I am boldly stepping out and not only talking about it, but I am offering my raw, real story in the hopes that it will help you to gain a better understanding of your experiences, God, his word, his will, and to ultimately help you to heal.




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