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  • power of mind
    I may have been doing this manifesting thing all wrong. Well, not entirely. I mean, I have done pretty well with creating situations for myself and manifesting things I desire. But when it comes to the “big” things, I may have had the wrong idea.    I have been looking
  • blue dump container in front of wall
    I literally don’t know. This post will simply be a brain dump, I guess. It’s hard to create during a learning phase. I’ve been soaking in information for the last week or so. I can tell when I’m entering into a new phase. My energy is spent in cycles. I
  • praying hands
    I spent my time in the car listening to Earl Nightingale’s lectures. Every so often, I need refreshers on what I already know to get re-motivated to keep going. This road that I’m on gets quite lonely at times. So, I reach back and find inspiration through listening to others
  • timepiece
    It’s amazing what one can learn when she stays open, awaiting opportunity. I sat next to a woman, in my own world, working on something creative. Some vibration sparked a conversation about death, and we swapped stories. Her story included her mother-in-law who had just passed last week. She casually
  • stack of fluffy pancakes
      I decided to try a new restaurant in Hyde Park for breakfast. Usually, when I’m hungry, I don’t like to try anything new. Instead, I go for what I know. After looking over the menu a couple of times, I excitedly settled on chocolate chip pancakes. The photo made
  • empty classroom
    As I was running errands (something I never do on a show day), I heard Angela Yee on the radio talking about how she always looked forward to the first day of school, because she wanted to catch up with her friends, find out what everybody was up to over
  • bench at sunset
    It’s Friday evening, and instead of meeting up with friends at a happy hour spot, I am sitting at my home office desk, surrounded by paper scraps and journal making materials, listening to YouTube videos on my phone about generating multiple streams of income, positive thinking, and other motivational topics,