We’ve all had those days when someone or some situation catches us off guard, and we behave in a not-so-positive manner. The good news is that you recognize the fact that you weren’t at your best in that situation. Maybe before you would have just kept on that path, because that’s who you were. 


relapse not collapse


Along your journey, you may have picked up some bad habits that you are now trying to rid yourself of. It is perfectly natural to see some of those habits creep up in your life, as you work on changing. So, don’t beat yourself up over not yet being the person you are growing to become.


Self-Improvement is a daily journey
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Self-improvement is a daily process. You can’t expect to change years of learned behaviors in a short period of time. Learn to love yourself through your journey. If you have a bad day, take notes as to what went wrong and how you can be better next time. Then, move forward with confidence that you will crush it the next time a trying situation occurs.


Relapse is not equal to collapse. What I mean by that is a set back is not the same as a shut down. Singers hit wrong notes sometimes. It doesn’t make them horrible altogether. Dancers misstep sometimes. That doesn’t mean they should quit their jobs. Doctors make mistakes. That doesn’t negate their years of education.

The point that I am trying to make is that we all are human, and we are going to mess up sometimes. BUT we get more chances to try again and to get it right. So, the next time you have a not-so-great day, say to yourself “Relapse is not equal to collapse”, and keep it moving!

I hope this message encourages you and keeps you motivated to stay on your journey to a better you!

Tell me, have you had a trying time lately that you felt set you way back?

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