Today, social media is booming with constant content, and people are consuming it at an all-time high rate. While this is great for content creators, some people make mistakes in sharing their content online. I have put together a list of common social media mistakes, so that you can determine whether or not you are pushing your potential fans and followers away.

Social Media Mistakes


Your Slip Is Hanging

All too often I see people on social media who hop up on their soap box and start preaching to everyone scrolling about the things that they hate or can’t stand regarding their potential clients/customers, or about other things that occur within their industry. This not only turns more people off from wanting to work with you or patronize your business, but it looks extremely unprofessional. Keep it clean and even keeled. You can completely destroy your own credibility and sense of authority by “acting out” on social media. If you’re online complaining like everybody else, you don’t appear to have the solutions that one should be paying for, right?


You’re Giving Me Whiplash

Many people want to grow their following on all of their social platforms, but there is a wrong way to do this. On a weekly basis, I notice that there is a great number of people who attempt to recruit their current fans to join them on other platforms. For example, whenever I follow people on Twitter, there is always a few that have an automatic message set up to ask me to also follow them on Facebook or some other social media site. The problem with this is that it is not smart to ask a new follower for something else right away.


If a person follows you on one site, it means that they are interested in learning more about you or your company. Asking him/her to do something like follow you somewhere else, when they haven’t even consumed the content on the first site, is almost always a turn-off. I have learned that if a person delves into your content on one site and really likes what he/she is seeing, that person will, on her own, look deeper into you by clicking your website link, following you on other social platforms, etc.


Another thing that I have learned is that most people who live on Twitter, don’t live on Facebook, and vice versa. Some content creators produce the same content on all social platforms anyway, so a lot of times, if I follow you on one platform, I have all the information that I need from you. Content creators tend to use several different social media platforms, because it is the best way to reach more people, but you want to reach the people who are on those sites, and not try to get everyone on one site to also join you on other sites. What will end up happening is that you will have very low engagement on some sites and high engagement on others, because the people that you have encouraged to follow you in another place that they don’t hang out online will eventually abandon that profile, and you will be left with fruitless likes.


You’re Boring Us

Because people consume content so quickly on social media, these days, a person who puts the same content out everywhere can easily become boring. This counts for a large percentage of social media mistakes that many people make. Gary Vaynerchuk has some great ideas on how to repurpose your content so that you can work smart, not hard. He suggests that you use the same piece of content but tailor it to the social platforms that you are using.


For example, you can say something informative, funny, useful, etc. on Snapchat. Then, to use that same content, you can and should create a photo with graphics of your quote on Instagram. You can use that same quote in a short Facebook video. Then, you can use text and hashtags of the same content on Twitter. This way, if anyone from one of your social platforms comes across your content on another profile, it will still seem fresh to that person. Does this give you any ideas?


I hope these things were helpful. Did you see yourself in any of those social media mistakes? What other social media tips would you give content creators?

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