Andriea Denise has survived sexual and emotional abuse, oppression, and other hardships in her life. Despite all of those circumstances, she remained determined to live her dreams. As a result of her perseverance, Andriea became a strong, positive, healthy, educated woman and business owner. Andriea Denise believes that everyone has a choice to be who he/she wants to be, rather than to only be a product of his/her environment. Andriea has been a mentor and an educator for over 8 years. She earned her BA in Liberal Arts at Indiana University, where she studied Creative Writing, Business Writing, Publishing, and Music.


Currently, Andriea Denise teaches adults and young people alike to choose to push passed their obstacles and become the people they desire to be so that they can live their dreams. Andriea believes that by focusing on self-improvement, a person can ultimately create a life he/she loves living!


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