As an introvert, sometimes I feel the need to step away and spend some time alone. Though this may seem a bit rude or antisocial to others, it is something that I need in order to feel comfortable. I don’t mean any harm to anyone else. I just need a moment; then, I can return and socialize once again.

Being Alone Is Necessary Sometimes

Whenever I spend time around large groups of people, after a while, my head gets jumbled with thoughts, and I can’t completely function properly. When I step away and take time for myself, I am more able to clear my head and get back on track with my thoughts.


Stepping away is a necessity for me. If I am going to ever be productive again, I need my time alone. Sometimes, that time alone looks different from the time before. If you find that you are the same way, don’t feel bad about taking time for yourself. There is nothing wrong with being self-aware and knowing what you need. Most of the time, introverts need 1) silence, 2) time alone to sort thoughts and feelings, and 3) one on one conversations to feel at ease, rather than group settings.


Be kind to yourself and give yourself what you need to function properly. Forget about the rest of the world, when you need mental, spiritual, and emotional restoration.


What other things do you need to feel comfortable? 



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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I consider myself an introvert although most would say im an extrovert, and I thrive on my alone time. Most people don’t understand it, but in order for me to be my best self. I need my alone time otherwise I feel anxious and drained. It’s so crucial to take care of you first!

    1. Absolutely! My husband is the same way. I would have thought he was an extravert, but I learned later that he needs his alone time to sort of recharge too.

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