I have said this so many times that it almost seems ridiculous that I don’t already have a post about it. We all have experiences that we have endured that would help someone else, if we would only share our story with him or her. I have said, in one of my YouTube videos, that I believe all of our purposes are connected, and that we are here to serve one another. In the video, I stated that doing our “job” of living our purpose is exactly what will spark someone else to do their “job”. You may have endured some things that would greatly help another person, if you were willing to share your story.


So why is it that so many people are still being stingy and not being willing to share their story? I have a couple of guesses that I would like to share.


Why You Won’t Share Your Story


#1 You Are Embarrassed or Afraid


The most inspiring stories are the ones that are full of failure and struggle. Somewhere along our paths, we have learned that failure and struggle makes us look weak, when in fact it actually makes us stronger. There are so many women who became single mothers at a young age. Because of their religious beliefs, or some other reason that caused them to feel bad about themselves, they refuse to share their stories. Their stories might be the very thing that helps other young girls to sidestep the mistakes they made and land in a better position. There are also so many people who have failed in business, been divorced, gave up on hope, etc, and will not share their stories, because they feel embarrassed about being in those positions. Embrace your experiences, good and terrible, because they have shaped and taught you. Use that to push someone else along on their path.


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#2 You Don’t Know That Your Story Would Be Helpful


Earlier this year, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who told me that she hasn’t started her program for women, because God told her that she hasn’t been through enough yet. I would never tell a person that God didn’t speak to her, but I couldn’t help but recount the things that I know about her, and I silently disagreed. I felt that she had lived through several experiences that could help someone right now, if she would only share. I came to my own conclusion as to why she has been putting off starting her program.


Maybe she feels that she needs to appear to be an expert at something before she actually steps up on her platform and share her story. I know I felt that way when I first started my journey as aNDriea DEnise. I thought that I needed to build authority and prove that I knew what I was talking about in order to be taken seriously. The truth is, when I took that stance, no one cared. They may have even thought that I was being fake in some ways. BUT when I was exhausted from that, and started to be authentic, sharing what I know, and what I have endured, people were able to relate to me.


If you are stuck in any way, not sharing your experiences with others, I want you to know that you don’t have to know it all to get started. Sometimes, just letting someone know that they aren’t alone in their experience could make him/her feel much better. Please don’t be stingy any longer. Share your story and help change lives for the better.


What has stopped you from sharing your story?

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