Life happens quickly, and it’s almost too easy to get so caught up in what’s happening physically that we forget to attend to the spiritual part of ourselves. We let the outside world get to the inside of us, and some don’t even know that this is taking place or what to do about it. To release worry, anger, frustration, doubt, and a plethora of other negative states of mind, and to achieve peace, you have to surrender to serenity. One way to surrender to serenity is to write. Write it all down. Get it all out. This will make room for the good stuff to flow into your life.


My life hasn’t always been mostly peaceful. Although I desired to have peace, and I was working toward attaining just that, I allowed the noise to cloud my mind. I was feeling extra low, one day, and after shuffling through photos of perfect natural hairstyles, perfectly made up faces, and food porn, I stumbled upon something that truly spoke to me. It was a photo of the sky and the wing of a plane. I have always found travel and nature photos appealing, but it wasn’t so much the picture as it was the words written underneath that drew me in further.

The caption read:

“………(thinkin)…….Hurt has no gender, but it does have an agenda….Let the Son/Sun be your guide thru the parts of darkness in the journey..The energy from the rays can heal an guide you……..” Peace an Blessings


I wasn’t shocked, because I believe God speaks to us through everything. We just have to be open and watchful, in order to recognize when He is reaching out and offering something to us that will help/heal. This person that I had never met, somehow possessed (and felt compelled to share) the very message that I needed to receive. I dug deeper, and found that he (J. Surratt aka DJ Slomotion) had several other posts just like that one. He calls them skytalks, and they are all beautiful from the visual to the verbiage. This man was blessing me, and had no idea.

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I was inspired to look inward more, and to write my own peaceful messages. I have shared some of those messages publicly, in the hopes that my words might help someone else, but for the most part, I have recorded them in my journal and kept them to myself. I encourage you to be more introspective, to write it all down, and to surrender to serenity. Learn how to silence the noise in your mind. Peace wants you, so if you want peace, it’ll be easy to find and hold onto.


Recently, Slo announced that he is releasing a new book called The SkyTalks nSlomotion: A book of truths, wisdom, and poems from the sky. It’s already available for purchase at If you would like to check out his #skytalks posts, click here.



I am giving away a copy of the book! To enter to win, all you have to do is like my IG post of me holding the book, and leave a comment that says “#skytalks”. I will be choosing a winner from there. Good luck!


I would love to know what you think of the book and/or the skytalks posts. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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