Anthony L. Hare


“Andriea helped me identify certain challenges that prevented me from moving forward. After identifying these challenges, she gave me actual solutions to help me mold my knowledge and plans into actions that led to positive results. Andriea is naturally gifted with active listening. I felt so comfortable speaking my ideas out loud to her. I felt she was with me all the way. Her live brainstorming, positive feedback, and solution-based action plans are what kept me motivated. I recommend anyone with an idea to talk with Andriea. She has away of seeing others’ vision and helping them launch their dreams!”


Bilnesha Tillman
Nature’s Beauty Room & Spa

71964_170946602918696_6868207_n“There are many things that I can say about Andriea Ishman, and all of them would be great. Her professional expertise has set her apart from the others. Quality, Effective, and Professional. To sum it up, Perfection! I, Bilnesha Tillman, give Andriea Ishman 2 high fives!”