Andriea Denise came into this world knowing exactly who she was as well as her purpose. Like most people, the world around her conditioned her to accept a different reality, until that reality no longer served her, and was no longer acceptable. Andriea ultimately wanted happiness and freedom. She grew determined to become the person she was placed on earth to be. She developed a real relationship with God, and quickly gained her footing. Not long after, she was walking in her purpose and headed for greatness. Andriea is now a mentor to the youth and her peers, because she has been blessed to endure many things in life.

The road was not at all easy, but very well worth the trek. Andriea maintains that she has no regrets in life, because every experience brought clarity, understanding, strength. She takes full responsibility for the choices she’s made in her life that landed her in dark places, as well as the choices she has made that have lead her to the most beautiful experiences.

In 2015, Andriea answered her calling to step up and be a positive influence on the world around her. She felt a strong urge to be the person for others that she wished she had when she was lost and confused on her journey. Andriea launched a blog, started writing and recording more music, consulting, and hand-making journals. She didn’t know at the time, but God was preparing her to build something great. Over the next two years, her work blossomed into what is now known as The Write Mind StudioThe Studio is an online hub that houses self-improvement articles, spiritual guidance videos, inspirational music playlists, vision writing journals, and much more. Through the site, Andriea has been able to reach people around the world and offer them encouragement, guidance, and hope.

Because Andriea was able to get her mind right, and build a life that she enjoys waking up to every morning, she teaches others how they can do the same. She has grown passionate about helping others along their journeys, and strives to create products that make it easier for people to understand.