If you spend time comparing yourself to other people, you are spending time thinking negatively about yourself. That kind of thinking is sure to kill your confidence. When we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, or that we are not as good as someone else, we are discrediting our own skills and talents and reducing our value to something lesser than what is true. To put it simply, comparison kills confidence and destroys dreams.

The Habit that Kills Confidence

I often see people, mostly women, who play down their skills and talents around other people that they believe are “better” than themselves. Whether it is beauty, body image, or talents, they start in talking about what is too big, too dark, too short, etc. and before you know it, their confidence is shot. They feel bad about themselves, when they thought highly of themselves before. If you see yourself in this description, I have a positive message for you.


You are special. You are talented. You are intelligent. You are skillful. You are unique. Live in it! Stop comparing yourself to others. Own who you are and how unique you are. Someone may be looking up to you in admiration.


Someone may love all of the things about you that you are cringing at and criticizing yourself for. Having insecurities is absolutely normal, but those can usually be dissolved if you simply put in the work to get stronger in the areas in which you feel insecure.


What are you insecure about? What can you do to boost your confidence in that area? 

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