Now that we have laid the foundation and have discussed what purpose is, it’s important that you understand the truth behind purpose.


Relax. There is no hidden information…no secrets. I’m sharing because I don’t want you to jump into this selfishly. While serving purpose often leads to popularity and even prosperity, acquiring these things are not the main goals of serving purpose.


You are free to have goals that you want to achieve, but understand that the achievement of those goals will come only as a result of fulfilling your purpose.


So, what is the truth? The truth is this:

Purpose = Service


The simplicity of this formula is to illustrate that when you operate in purpose it means that you are simultaneously operating in service of others.


To be very honest and transparent, you can achieve popularity and prosperity through means of manipulation and other dishonest tactics. This, however, is not a way to build a sustainable life, happiness, or meaning. It is also completely against what I teach, advise, and share on this site.


Manipulating others will NEVER allow you to positively influence others or impact people’s lives. If you want to make a difference and be rewarded accordingly, you should adopt values like integrity and consistency.


Watch the video below. I’m breaking down the truth behind purpose, and helping you to get started on the right track.



What did you learn about purpose that you didn’t know before? Did you have selfish ambitions before, or were your goals in line with serving to begin with? How will you approach your purpose now, after watching the video?


Many people think about what they want, and as they go after it, they find that there are much more meaningful things they could do instead. We see it happen in movies all the time where a rich and famous person is self-absorbed, until s/he loses everything. Then, the character is forced to look around and find meaning and purpose in their work, instead of focusing on the money or popularity.


In other situations, people get sidetracked by something that pulls on their heart strings, and they end up segueing into a new, more meaningful line of work. If you take notice though, the people in both scenarios don’t stop what they were doing, they only shift into doing the same things for a different reason.


I challenge you to dig deep and to find a way that you can use your gifts in service, rather than taking the long route and ending up there because of some unfortunate event. Allow yourself to cut through the clutter and get right to service your purpose sooner than later.


Good luck, friend.



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