You often hear the word “purpose” thrown around by spiritual leaders and self-proclaimed gurus, especially in the age of the entrepreneur, but do you really know what purpose means?


When you were a child, you might have used the excuse “I don’t know” to explain why you did something or didn’t know a thing. As an adult, hopefully, you are more mindful and have reason and intention behind everything you do or choose not to do. So, if you’re unsure of what purpose means, keep reading.


So what is purpose?

In the video below, I break down what purpose actually means. I also challenge you to download my purpose finder workbook. It is absolutely free to subscribers. So, sign up, if you haven’t already, to get your free download. It’s time to figure out your why and get to work on becoming a more fulfilled being who serves others On Purpose.




Work on purpose. Live on purpose. Serve on purpose. Be on purpose.



Everything you do should be on purpose….intentional. Everything you allow into your life, space, and mind should have purpose attached to it.


Every place you go should be on purpose. Every word you speak should be on purpose. Every thought you meditate on should have purpose involved.



What is the purpose behind the things you say and do right now? Have you been intentional about your life, or have you been allowing things to occur in your life without your permission?


You should take some time to think about these things, and write your responses and observations down. Answering these questions will give you a good idea of how purposeful your actions are right now.



It’s very important that you get clear on your why, and that you understand where you’re headed. Knowing these two things will give you the fuel you need to press forward and to make a real difference for yourself as well as in the lives of others.


Again, be sure to download your copy of the purpose finder workbook, and get started on building your future on purpose today. 


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