When you are unhappy with your life, especially when your relationship is going fine, and you don’t have many issues to deal with, there may be one glaring problem that you haven’t even realized. That one thing is so simple and easily overlooked by so many people today. 

What may be making you feel unhappy is the fact that you aren’t fulfilling your purpose. The moment that you step out of the flow of your purpose, you most likely will feel it physically. This is a sort of GPS that lets you know that you are off track. When you operate in the flow of your purpose, you will begin to feel much better and more at ease.

When you feel unhappy, take inventory of your life, and make note of whether or not you are doing what you are purposed to do. If you aren’t, you know that is the problem. If you have been operating in your purpose, and suddenly feel unhappy, maybe there was another calling or purpose that you are meant to move into that you have been ignoring. Have you fulfilled your purpose in one area and are ready to transition into something new? Is your purpose still the same and you simply need to add something to it? Take some time with yourself to figure those things out, and watch your spirits elevate. I uploaded a video a while ago about operating in flow and what happened when I was off track. Watch it below.

Have you been feeling a bit out of flow lately? 

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