Recently, a friend visited me in Chicago. He was passing through on his way to vacation with his family. He stopped by with a friend, and as we chatted, I noticed her looking at me with a wrinkle in her brow. It seemed as if she was trying to figure me out. 

Being Different Is Good


After she had heard enough, she very sweetly (with a hint of what I detected to be pity or maybe even sympathy) asked, “Do you have any friends?” I smiled, and responded. “Mmm hmm.” She presented her reasoning. “I just asked because I hear you talking about how you make journals and stuff, and I was just wondering.”


I smiled harder, wondering how making journals and having friends were related, but to her it made perfect sense. I explained that I did have friends, but that I preferred to stay home in my peaceful sanctuary, rather than go out most of the time. That seemed to shocked her, and she responded by saying, “Reeeeally? Wooow!”


I thought about her words, her reactions, and it made me feel good. Why? I spent the majority of my life trying not to be different from everyone else, trying hard to fit in, and hoping the rest of the world viewed me as one of them. It never did, by the way. I struggled on my self-improvement journey to accept myself as is, before making improvements. I wanted to fix the “broken” parts of myself. I wanted to blend.


Even without my saying a word, people tell me that I’m different. My look, my energy, my attitude, my accent (whatever that is). It was in the moment that my friend’s friend questioned my normalcy that I realized I had successfully accomplished the task of accepting myself and of living in my authenticity.


By fully embracing who I am and ever-evolving into who I am meant to be, I have made great strides in being an inspiration to others, finding my lane and driving full speed ahead, and maximizing the gifts that God has blessed me with.


If you have been struggling with your abnormal/weird/different self, stop. You were made to stand out. You were created to be different. Embrace it. Wear your weird loud and proud…or quiet and meek, depending on your personality 😉. You can’t hide a lit candle under a bush. It must be placed out in the open where it can do its job of illuminating the area. Don’t be shy. Shine bright, friend.


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