I have found myself avoiding social media at the beginning of every week, simply because I have grown so tired of scrolling through all of the “I hate Mondays” posts. People only hate what they are doing, because they haven’t realized their purpose. If you are one of those people, don’t worry. I am going to hook you up in just a minute.


You should be looking at your situation with a different set of eyes. Maybe your life will take a turn when you start to understand why you are where you are, and when you start to do what you were placed there to do. What am I talking about? There is a reason that you have ended up at the job you have that is bigger than you completing an application and being chosen.


Why God Placed You At Your Job

The number of people who claim to be spiritual is huge, but the number of people who actually apply their faith and who use their power is very small. You might be destined to do something greater than what you have been doing so far, but you have “work” to do where you are first.


I don’t just mean the work that you are paid to do. I mean, you were placed in your current position, because there is someone there who could benefit from being in contact with you. Whether you meet, share Click Image to tweet messageyour story, and offer advice or a helping hand, you could be making a difference in someone else’s life. Your purpose could be as simple as saying a prayer for someone who doesn’t even know that you exist.

The point is, you are needed in a greater, more spiritual capacity than just completing your assigned tasks. You should be prayed up every morning before you even step one foot into your place of work. Then, you should be actively searching for opportunities to be a blessing to someone in need.


Ask God to send you on assignment. Tell him that you are available and ready to be used for the day. You will be amazed to witness the miracles that God will allow you to be a part of. I encourage you to try it, and then share your testimony with me. The feeling of being used by God is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. I am a witness to that fact.


Do you see your job in a different light now?

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