Like everybody else in the world who is trying to do something better with their life, I jumped on the vision board bandwagon. I was all in as a member of Oprah’s LifeClass, and I was so ready to start manifesting everything that I wanted. The problem…I wasn’t ready (in my Kevin Hart voice). No doubt, I wanted the things that I had cut out and pasted onto my board, but I made two mistakes.

Why You Might Need to Trash Your Vision Board


The first mistake I made was placing things on the board that I didn’t really believe that I could have or accomplish. I went crazy with the scissors, cutting out almost everything that my eyes landed on, and thinking Why not? as I made the decision to include it on the board.


The second mistake I made was posting my vision board so that everyone who visited my home could see it. I mean, it was indeed a conversation starter. I mapped out an entire wall in my living room where I very creatively hung sections of my vision board in frames. People couldn’t help but be drawn to it. They would ask questions, and would very genuinely seem to get inspired to do something similar, but I always felt exposed…naked, as people browsed my most inner desires. That made me cringe, and I stopped having visitors for a while. Then, I decided to disassemble the vision wall.


I wanted it to be more private. Maybe, I felt the need to protect my dreams. So, I moved it to my workspace/closet/2nd bedroom. As I did that, I started to remove some things that I felt were maybe just a little ridiculous for me to want. Then, I grew angry, and put even more things on my vision board. I became so fixated on the board that it was causing me to feel anxious and frustrated. That is the total opposite of what I was supposed to feel when looking at it.


I was supposed to feel excited and happy about already having those things. I was supposed to use those photos as a visual aid to picture the things that I wanted most so that it would help me feel good and draw those things to myself.

You Might Need To Trash Your Vision Board If…

If you have a vision board that makes you feel anything but positive energy, you probably would be better off trashing it. Only temporarily though. Maybe just put it in the back of your closet for a while. If you feel negatively, there are some other things that you must do before you can change the things that you attract.


You have to change your mindset first. Sure, I was getting some things that I wanted already, because I had already been working toward them for years. But those new things…those big things, I was in no shape or state of mind to manifest those, because 1) I didn’t think I could, and 2) I didn’t think I was worthy. That is a dangerous combination.


Vision boards are for those who are ready to manifest something different in their lives. When you are ready, you’ll know it, because you’ll be absolutely determined to get it.


Since then, I have taken to journaling my visions instead of creating boards…something that I have always done and have enjoyed. I write down a list of things that I want, and I take great pleasure in highlighting and dating them as they happen.


I said all of that to say this…Take care of yourself, and build up to implementing these other techniques that people suggest. Don’t jump on everything because it seems hot at the time. Do what is best for you, and watch the results come rushing in!


Tell me, have you created vision board?


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