We live in a world that is all about achieving instant or quick results with minimal effort. Because of this microwave society, most people will be likely to quit on their long-term goals before they ever reach them. This is exactly why setting short-term, daily goals is important. Setting short term goals helps you to stay on track and to keep moving forward, setting new goals, and growing your level of patience for larger, more long-term goals.

Setting Daily Goals

One way to set low pressure, short-term goals is to set daily goals. Maybe you just want to have a great day. Maybe you want to make/find/receive some extra cash today. Maybe you want to experience something new. Whatever it is that you want for yourself, you can and should write it down every morning when you wake up, or every evening before you go to bed.

Every morning, I write down the things that I would like to see happen during the day. The beauty of this practice is that because I write so early in the morning, I forget all about it, until I open my journal to write again later that night. Then, I get to see how many things happened just the way I intended in my writings.

My daily goal setting started out looking something like this:

  • I felt great all day today!
  • I gave and received positive energy all day today.
  • I made healthy choices today.
  • I saw a red bird today.
  • I made an extra $50 today.
  • I integrated online video identification today.
  • I laughed hard at something today.
  • I was productive in my work all day.
  • I managed my time and money well today.

At the end of the day, when I reread my goals, I was surprised and excited that every single thing I had written down happened. You have the same power to script your day out, and to watch it unfold the way that you intend.

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It’s a great experience and an even better feeling to check off manifested items on my daily lists. There are no complicated steps to this process. Simply 1) open your journal, 2) write down the things you want to happen, as if they have already taken place, and 3) go about your day. The 4th step is to reread what you wrote, at the end of the day, and enjoy the feeling of confirming the things that actually occurred.

The one and only catch/key to this is that you ABSOLUTELY MUST believe the things you wrote down to be possible. If you don’t believe that you can achieve your daily goals, you won’t see your desired results.


Do you set daily goals for yourself already?

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