Whatever you want, you can have it. It all starts with a decision. You are in control. Too many people are sitting back, chilling, and waiting on God to work a miracle. Those people have decided to ignore the scripture that tells us faith without works is dead, and they wind up disappointed in God, because their expectations weren’t met.


You Are In Control of Your Life


From my own experience, I’m telling you that you can have exactly what you want. You just have to know that you are in control, make the decision to have the things you desire, and then work toward those things. Taking small steps toward anything on a consistent basis will help more things along those lines to come to you.


So, what do you want? Do you believe that you are in control of what manifests in your life? Whether you believe it or not, it is true. It is one of the universal laws. You don’t have to believe in gravity for it to be in existence. Once you accept this truth, you may be able to better handle manifesting what you want.

Stop making excuses for not having what you say you want. The only person who is in your way is you. Have you been saying one thing and doing another? Have you secretly been afraid of being successful? Did you not know that you were in control of your reality? Whatever the case may be, you can make changes to get your heart’s desires now.


Again, having what you want all starts with a decision. Make the decision today, and start moving toward it.



Whether knowingly or unknowingly, what have you been manifesting in your life?




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