Breakups in relationships and friendships never feel good when they happen, but I am going to tell you why you should be happy when someone walks out of your life. Specifically, in this post, I am talking about friendships ending.


I know that when we make friends, we never anticipate the day that friendship may end. Instead, we assume that a person who enters our life will be there for the rest of our days. That’s why a lot of us are surprised when the day comes that we have to either let go of a friend, or that the friend let’s go of us.


Though you may not like the idea, you should be happy when someone exits your life. Why? This act tells you a lot about yourself and the other person. If the friend is walking away from you, it forces you to examine yourself, and make an assessment of who you are, what you’re doing, where you are going, and who else in your life may not belong there.


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I believe that some people are only to be in our lives for a period of time, while others are there for life. We all should be changing and growing over time, and it is only natural that the people around us change and grow as well.


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You Should Be Happy When Someone Walks Away


If someone walks out of your life, ask yourself the following questions:


1  Am I mostly positive or negative around that person?


2  Did that person make me a better person?


3  Does that person fit in my current life, or is he/she hanging on from my past?


4  Is it possible that I no longer fit in that person’s current life or the life he/she aspires to have?


5  Did I make some changes in my life that may have made that person uncomfortable?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes people leave, because they feel bad about themselves, compared to who you have become. Other people leave, because they are making major changes, and you no longer fit into the life they are creating. Either way, it gives you a chance to reflect, adjust, and keep it moving.


You should be happy when someone exits your life. It could be used as a positive marker for you to make some changes yourself. I have had people walk away from me, and I have walked away from some people. Both situations made me a better person. When someone walked out of my life, I didn’t understand it right away, but eventually, I learned that I was very negative, fearful, and lacking in a lot of areas of my life.


I blamed other people for my shortcomings, and some people didn’t want to be around that kind of energy. Once I got myself together, I realized those things about my previous self, and when I noticed that I had friends around me who were that way, I tried to help, at first. Eventually, I had to walk away, because those people were not ready to make a change.


Have you ever had someone walk away from you? Have you ever walked away from someone else? How did it change you?

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